Fishing for sprats in the Baltic

Fishing for sprats in the Baltic will decrease by 11%, while Baltic herring will grow by 32%

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Sprat fishing quotas in the Baltic Sea will be reduced by 11% next year, not 20% as suggested by the European Commission (EC).

At the same time, the opportunities for catching Baltic herring in the central part of the sea will increase more than the EC proposed – by 32% instead of 14%. This was agreed on Monday by the Council of Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries of the European Union (EU). According to Lithuanian Minister of Agriculture Kestutis Navickas, fishing for pelagic species is the only remaining alternative for Lithuanian fishermen on the high seas in the Baltic.

Therefore, we sought to ensure that next year there will be greater opportunities for fishing for Baltic herring and sprats and, at the same time, ensure the continuity of the process. Since the condition of cod in the eastern and western parts of the Baltic Sea is not improving, its purposeful fishing is still prohibited. Member States are deeply concerned about Russia’s unsustainable fishing in the Baltic Sea, which ignores the advice of scientists and international agreements, so the Commission was again called for a strong response.

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