The Krone Big X 980 and 1080 forage harvesters now feature the Liebherr Stage V V12 engine

A Liebherr V12 engine on the Big X 980 and 1080 to save fuel

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Although it may seem antagonistic, Krone installs its Liebherr-sourced V12 engine under the hood of the Big X 980 and 1080 to lower the fuel bill. Providing more power automatically according to the need of the machine, this is what should effectively limit fuel consumption. Not to mention the gain in terms of service intervals and operator comfort.

Krone is installing a V12 engine under the bonnet of two forage harvesters in the Big X range, the 980 and the 1080. The German manufacturer is thus meeting the growing worldwide demand in the segment of machines from 900 to 1,100 hp.

The Big X 1180, with its 1,156 hp, is currently the most powerful conventional forage harvester in the world. Like the Big X 1180, the two new Big X 980 and 1080 models are driven by an original Liebherr V12 engine. Maintenance intervals for oil changes, filters and valves are longer: they are increased to 1,000 hours. Of course, like their big brother, both machines meet the requirements of the Stage V emission standard.

PowerSplit function to adapt the power automatically

Worthy of note is the PowerSplit function, which adapts engine power to working conditions by simply pressing a button in the cab. As soon as the machine does not require full power, the Eco-Power economy mode is engaged. What limit the fuel bill, a strong argument given the price of GNR. Not to mention the possibility of adjusting different power ranges so that the forage harvester reacts to working conditions independently. When conditions get tough, the engine delivers more power with X-Power mode without operator intervention. More comfort for the latter. When it comes to engine speed, automatic management is another feature appreciated by drivers. It is available as an option and again reduces fuel consumption thanks to the automatic speed reduction system (when changing buckets, for example).

The manufacturer has developed innovations such as the crop flow concept with six pre-compression rollers, the generously dimensioned cutting rotor and the OptiMaxx 305 cracker. This has a large friction surface, guaranteeing the intensive spraying of grains and stems. The VariStream device is also available: the bottoms mounted on springs under the cutting rotor and behind the ejection accelerator guarantee continuous work without the risk of clogging, even if the feed is less regular.

Extra power to order online

The VariLoc system is a gearbox integrated into the rotor pulley. By changing its speed from 1,250 to 800 rpm, the cutting length range of the latter is increased by up to an additional 50%. The operator saves time and can easily adapt his cutting length to the site. Also noteworthy is the height-adjustable lifting cabin, an installation appreciated by operators. Ditto with the XtraPower system, which allows the driver of the machine to order online, for a fixed period, more engine power to meet his needs. The choice is possible between XtraPower 100 hp (BiG X 980 and 1080) and XtraPower 200 hp (BiG X 980).

Still on the technology side, the Nir Control dual sensor is able to measure and trace the composition of grass, corn and whole plant silage. It is installed on the BiG X and can also be used for spreading slurry with the Zunhammer technique. Finally, as standard, the machines can take advantage of Krone SmartConnect, the telemetry box that records and transmits all tool data in real time. The data is exported by the SmartTelematics application or transmitted via the agrirouter platform. Finally, in terms of availability, we will have to wait until the 2024 season to see the Big X V12s land in the fields!

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