British cows connected to 5G

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The animals have been given smart devices to help them be milked automatically and monitor the slightest changes in their health. If the experiment is successful, “connected cows” will appear all over the UK.

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Thanks to the spread of 5G technology, it will not be long before you can download a movie onto your smartphone in seconds or connect any item in your home to the internet. However, the new communications standard will change not only our everyday lives, but also industries that are usually hidden from us – such as livestock farming.

According to Reuters, Cisco Systems has already started testing 5G on Holstein dairy cows in three rural areas in south-west England.

“Connected” cows wear a special collar that controls a robotic milking system. When an animal is ready to be milked, it approaches the gate of the machine and it automatically opens. The system recognises the cow by sight, attaches the milking machine gently to the udder and delivers food as a reward. In addition, the test animals are provided with smart ear tags which monitor their health status. They allow farmers to quickly spot the first signs of illness.

Many farms already use smart technology, but the advent of 5G will make it much more effective. If the experiment is successful, “connected cows” will appear in rural areas across the country.

The world’s first urban area connected to 5G has appeared in Shanghai. The city was chosen for a reason – it is one of the most technologically advanced megacities in China.

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